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Read about the latest RAD ballet and IDTA tap and street dance exam results and other achievements.


Updated Dance Classes

Any changes to the schedule, extra or new classes.


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Look like a Dancer, feel like a Dancer...

We are on hand to provide the correct uniform required for each dance discipline.

Correct uniform must be worn at all times for class, please contact us to place your order including all dance shoes, East Haddon School of Dance t-shirts and hoodies.

We strongly advise that Pointe shoes are professionally fitted, please contact us for our recommendations.


Brand new and second-hand ballet uniform is available to purchase every week. Please ask the dance assistants to bring any new items required from the main hall. Natalie or Helen will check new shoe fittings. 


We expect girl's hair to be very neat in a bun or pinned plaits.  No ponytails or loose plaits please.


Correct uniform must be worn for all lessons.

Ballet students who take a week class in a ddition to a Saturday class may wear an alternative ballet leotard during the week only.

Ballet Boys

Navy shorts or stirrups, white t-shirt or leotard, white socks, white ballet shoes. Character shoes from Grade 1.

Tap & Street

Tap Girls:
Black jazz leggings or jazz pants, school leotard, black socks, black tap shoes.

Street Girls:
Black jazz leggings or jazz pants, school t-shirt, black socks, black jazz shoes.

Tap & Street Boys:
Black tracksuit bottoms, school uniform t-shirt, black socks, black tap and jazz shoes.

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